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American/Canadian Whisky’s

Featured prominently in rum-running into the U.S. during Prohibition. Hiram Walker's distillery in Windsor, Ontario, directly across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan, easily served bootleggers using small, fast smuggling boats.


Single malt Scotch whisky’s

Single Malt Scotch Whisky is the 'original' whisky of Scotland. Malt whisky is made only from malted barley, in two copper pot stills, by a batch process. 'Single' malt whisky is the product of an individual distillery.



Islay whisky is Scotch whisky made on Islay or Ìle in Gaelic, located off the west coast of Scotland. Islay is one of five whisky distilling localities and regions in Scotland whose identity is protected by law.


Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky is malt whisky or grain whisky made in Scotland. Scotch whisky must be made in a manner specified by law.



Tequila is a distilled spirit from Mexico that is vital to making the Margarita.



A modern liqueur with a provocative name to suit the bar scene. A great way to add delicious fruitiness to your cocktails.


Vodka & Gin

Gin and vodka are two very distinct spirits. Most obviously, one is associated with pine and herbal flavors, while the other is often positioned as an odorless, tasteless entity. Yet the two are frequent substitutes for each other in cocktails such as the Martini or Vodka/Gin and Tonic.



Cognac is a variety of brandy named after the town of Cognac, France. It is produced in the surrounding wine-growing region in the departments of Charente and Charente-Maritime. Cognac production falls under French Appellation d'origine contrôlée designation


Brandy & Rum

Rums are distilled alcoholic beverages made from sugarcane byproducts such as molasses or sugarcane juices. Brandy, short for brandywine is a sprit that is distilled from wine, grapes and other fruit juices. Generally considered a late evening or after dinner drink



Vermouth is an aromatized, fortified wine flavored with various botanicals The modern versions of the beverage were first produced in the mid to late 18th century in Turin, Italy.



Wine (from Latin vinum) is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes, generally Vitis vinifera, fermented without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients.

Our Services

M&B Associates holds Importers Permit in India, allowing us to import beverage alcohol into India. Our deep understanding of ever-changing compliance and licensing policies for imported wine, beer & spirits operations paves the way for clients’ seamless integration. M&B associates is one of the nation’s leading distributors of fine wines, spirits, beers, and other non-alcoholic products.

  • Multi-locational warehousing facilitating customer’s billing requirements
  • Our customer service team of astute professionals’ act as an extension of your team, driving all back-office operations, resources and licensing services.
  • Our exclusive deals with manufactures across the globe, allows our customer to choose from aspiring and seasoned brands in the spirits, wine, and beer industry.
  • Aggressive delivery and logistics solutions
  • Special team for guiding our clients to procure IFL licenses
  • Global brands at value sensitive price for our clientele.
  • Eminence on packing

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